a BNHAJJK crossover zine

Hello aspiring heroes and sorcerers! We thank you for your interest in Quirks & Curses: a BNHA ✕ JJK crossover zine.

STATUS : Applications open!


Contributor applications end in:


    Quirks & Curses is an unofficial crossover zine of the popular animanga franchises Boku no Hero Academia and Jujutsu Kaisen.We seek to produce a fun fan project with illustrations and written pieces featuring characters and worlds from BNHA and JJK.


    What is a zine?
    A zine is a collection of creative works (most commonly illustrations & prose pieces), like a magazine.
    What is the theme of this zine?
    There is no specific theme! Pieces should fit loosely into one of three categories: JJK characters in BNHA universe, vice versa, or JJK and BNHA characters in an alternate universe!
    Want to write about aspiring hero Yuji? Want to draw Megumi as a pro hero? Want to draw Bakugo working part-time at Nanami's bakery? Go wild! Plus Ultra!.
    Is this project for-profit or charity?
    It will be half and half!
    Minors' monetary compensation will go toward the soon-to-be-selected charity, and adults can choose whether to keep their compensation or donate.
    What are the zine's specs?

    • A5, perfect-bound, ~72 pages

    • 1 cover artist, 25 page artists, 5 merch artists, and 6-7 writers

    • SFW & Gen

    Will the zine be physical or digital?
    As a result of the interest check, this zine will offer physical and digital versions!
    Can minors participate?
    Since this zine is strictly SFW and Gen -themed, minors (13+) will be allowed to participate!
    How will contributors be compensated?
    We aim to provide a full physical bundle (zine and merch) + shipping, if finances and sales allow! At the very least, contributors will receive a full PDF copy of the zine.
    What characters will you feature?
    We aim to cover most characters from both BNHA and JJK!
    Will this zine feature ships?
    No, this zine will not feature any romantic ships.
    I have a question not answered here.
    Contact us through Twitter, Instagram, or Tumblr! We also have a Curiouscat! Contributors can contact mods through the ask-a-mod channel in the Discord or through Discord DMs!


    May 24–Jun 14Interest check
    May 25 – June 13Mod applications
    June 21 – August 1Contributor applications
    August 2nd – August 6thReviewing apps
    August 10thContributor app results
    August 15thDeadline to respond
    August 20Pitches due
    September 3First check-in
    September 17thSecond check-in
    October 8thThird check-in
    October 24thFinal submissions